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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3x100ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3x100ml

VAT Included

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with olives from our farm. Rich in polyphenols and vitamin E, it is excellent for our body.

  • Production year 2023/2024
  • Variety of olives 100% Picholine

Extra virgin olive oil Picholine, yellow-green with golden hues, is a high quality intense fruity. On the nose emerge herbaceous aromas with hints, of green tomato, almond and thistle. On the palate it reveals a perfectly balanced bitterness and spiciness, where the aromas can be recognized vegetal warned nose.

Among the recommended pairings there are legume soups, boiled vegetables, meat dishes and all those foods in which you want to bring out the hints of tomato.

  • Pocket size 100ml

    This mini-can pocket-size can be always taken with you, practical and versatile, ideal for picnics, vacations, boat trips, it can also be used as a placeholder for lunches and dinners or as a gift for corporate events.

  • Storage and shelf life of the product

    Keep in a cold and dry place. Protected from light, heat sources and bad smells. Once opened, minimize exposure to air. To be consumed preferably within 18 months of the bottling date.


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